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Lindsay's Artist 

Curriculum Vitae & Career Highlights


  1. ‣I studied Fine Arts at the University of Missouri, eventually becoming a nationally Certified Expressive Arts Therapist.  I have been teaching and serving the community through art, developing several integrative art programs for children and adults in both private school and the healthcare arenas.

  2. ‣In 2004, I served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Encinitas. 

  3. ‣In 2005 I founded the Open Door Wellness Center and Art Gallery where individuals could come to realize their innate potential to create, in each moment, new experiences of joy, love, and self-appreciation.

  4. ‣In 2009, I donated one of my ‘Star’ pieces to the Children of the City Benefit Gala in New York, where I garnered attention from Gwyneth Paltrow. 

  5. ‣Recently, I have participated in ‘performance art’, where I painted clothing designs live at fashion shows for the benefit “Rock to Stop Violence” & “Media Mix Massacre”. 

  6. ‣My work in currently on exhibition, throughout various galleries, in Paris, France through 2012.


Art World News

  1. ‣October – November 2009, Artists and Publishers

  2. ‣December – January 2009, Artist Vitae

  3. ‣February 2010, Artists and Publishers


Press Releases

  1. ‣Delicias Lady’s Luncheon Art Show, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, March 29-30. 

  2. ‣St. Clair Gallery Lindsay Duff Exhibit, El Cajon, Ca – Jan - Feb 2010

  3. ‣Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild 9th Annual Art Affaire Sept. 13, 2009

  4. ‣Children of the City Benefit Gala, New York, New York with G Summer 2009 – Attending Gwyneth Paltrow and NY Giants wide-receiver - David Tyree

  5. ‣Art Show at Acappella, Temecula Aug. 8 2009

  6. ‣Art Show at Boun Appetitio, Summer 2009

  7. ‣Little Italy Inn’s Art Event, May 29th 2010 at the Little Italy Inn

  8. ‣Mother’s Day Weekend Artists’ Studio & Garden Tour, May 8, 9 and 10



  1. ‣Graffiti Cover All Painting Appearing in Art/Fashion Magazine Dec. 201: Painted for Rock to Stop Violence Non Profit.

  2. ‣Divine Feminine Way eNewsletter, Summer 2009 

  3. ‣Press Release: Art Show at Buon Appetito, Summer 2009

  4. ‣Press Release: Art Show at Boun Appetitio, April 2009

  5. ‣Art Showcase: ‘Herstory’ by Women’s Caucus for Art San Diego, March 7 – 29, 2009

  6. ‣Publication: Art Business News, September 2008

  7. ‣Publication: Encinitas Magazine, December 2007

  8. ‣Publication: Healthy Times, April 2007 Vol. 2

  9. ‣Publication: Ranch & Coast Magazine, August 2004

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