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House Blessings and Energy Clearing


Everything around us is made of energy - from our own physical bodies to our cars, homes, land, trees, etc.  Just as we need to keep our own energy bodies cleansed and operating at a high frequency or vibration, it is also important to cleanse the spaces around us where we spend most of our time.   Energy can become stale or stagnant and toxic energies from emotional outbursts such as anger and fear can linger in a space.   Discordant energies can also inhabit spaces, especially in old houses or on land where traumatic events have occurred.

 I offer a special cleansing & blessing ceremony for your personal spaces, whether it be your home, car, office or land. I will fully cleanse the space and then purify & bless it with Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness.   

My home and business clearing combines a thorough energetic cleansing with powerful techniques to repair the energy field, aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow. I do this without requiring any physical changes to the space or reconfigurations. Pricing for this service starts at $300 for a complete home up to 2,000 square feet, each additional 500 square feet is $50.


Blocked energy within a home or business can cause: 

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of energy

  • Mental and emotional stress

  • Conflict or lack of harmony in relationships

  • Sleep disorders

  • Ongoing health issues

  • Negative thinking or forgetfulness

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Business problems or lack of prosperity in a home

  • Blockages in creativity

The following situations are especially important for having a house clearing:

  • When you move into a new space

  • When a roommate or companion moves out

  • After you remove clutter

  • After an argument

  • After a divorce or break-up

  • After an illness or death

  • When you buy an antique or second-hand item

  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning

  • Before implementing spacial design

  • After a move, job change or major life transition

  • Transitioning from abusive or co-dependent relationships

  • If you often work with energetically “draining” clients or people

  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning


House Clearing Service Includes:

  • Clearing of all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space

  • Cleansing of energies present

  • Affirmation and/or reaffirmation of the intent or purpose of the space

  • Blessing of the space and persons occupying it

  • Energetic alignment of the space to serve you at the optimal level

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