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Barbara G

Carlsbad, California

May 5, 2014

Lindsay is a extraordinary home designer. Her eye for color and function is remarkable. She turned my house into a warm, inviting and functional home. I found her easy to work with and her ideas key in creating the home I always dreamed of. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone who wants to improve their living environment.

Tuula N

Carlsbad, California

December 22, 2014

Lindsay is a great Interior Designer! She has a good eye for color and spatial layout. The spaces she designed for me are beautiful, inviting, and inspiring. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to transform their home or work space.

Chelsea B

Oceanside, California

January 13, 2014


We've been living in our home for 7 years and I've just never loved it.  I love the home, but I'm just not a natural at decorating.  The idea of shopping for rugs and throw pillows pains me.  Lindsay has made our home feel like I always wanted it to.  She used many of our existing items and added things that were missing.  She worked miracles with our tight budget.  Lindsay would suggest ideas, I would resist and she would gently encourage me to try them.  Then of course I would always be amazed at the results.  My house now feels welcoming, warm and like our home.  I can't thank Lindsay enough for the time and thought she put into our home.

Olivia L

Glenview, IL

December 18, 2013

Lindsay is not only a dream designer but and amazing person to work with. I have had the pleasure to experience and work in a few places that she has designed from the ground up and then decorated with a true eye for beauty and function. I would use her and recommend her to anyone who would like to recreate a space and turn it into a space for creativity and comfort.

Shannon Peck

Speaker, Author: Love Heals, How to Heal Everything with Love, and Love Heals Workbook

“When we asked Lindsay to do an intuitive image for the cover of our new book, Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master, we wondered if there was any image that could please us since this book was like our new child and we held it in sacredness. We knew we would be excessively picky. And we privately thought to ourselves, ‘It’s a discovery. We probably won’t use what she does, but let’s give it a try.’"


We also had no clue that she would surprise us a short time later with the perfect image, which she had intuited! In fact, the image reached into the very soul of our book to help the reader understand what the book is really about. This has been a phenomenal experience of trust and reward! And amazing intuition! Looking back on this experience, we're convinced that the perfect cover could only have come through Lindsay's intuition.”

Dr. Barbara Gaetano

“I want to thank Lindsay Duff for surprising me the day of my mother's, Rose Gaetano,  Celebration of  Life ceremony.  After my mother left this earth, Lindsay gifted me with an inspired intuitive painting named ROSE THE ETERNAL FIRE to honor her. 


This painting allowed me to vision the physicality of my mother's spirit leaving this earth and transitioning up to the heavens and beyond.  Lindsay's painting was deep and  intense, so intense it brought tears of joy and sorrow to my eyes; and the sensations of pain and love to my body.


I marvel at Lindsay's ability to touch  the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to witness and/or own her art work.  She paints with her intuitive convictions, and from that source, the energy her art work emanates is astounding.”  

Olivia Lawson

“For my 25th birthday I was given the painting Sacred Heart by Lindsay Duff. It is a beautiful painting that expresses just what I was going through at the time. A woman sits atop a heart in the meditative pose, with the heart radiating from her center out into space and she is surrounded by the colors of sky and earth.  It is a painting about finding your heart and allowing love to fill you and those around you. 

I think this can be the hardest thing to remember, having this painting help to remind me that I am always capable of this. Around the same time that Lindsay created this intuitive painting for me I commissioned a painting from a different artist. Both of the paintings show a woman in the meditation pose atop a heart with sky and earth. They face each other in my room; it is amazing to me how perfectly these two pieces of art came into my life. There is nothing better than art that tells you a truth about yourself. Lindsay has a special ability to do this.” 

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