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Each painting is an intuitive representation of what you want to draw into your life or business, that holds a specific pattern of energy medicine to serve as a guide and help you align with your desire.  


Many clients find this to be a powerful transformative process, unlike anything they have experienced before.  Through our collaboration, a natural unfolding of the intuitive painting begins to take form.


To begin, I explain the intuitive process and we spend some time together to create an intention and narrow down the area of interest, to help guide and support the highest possible outcome for the piece.  


After our initial meeting, I start the creative process by collecting images, going to the art store and picking out canvases, specialty papers, paint colors and other materials that call to me, with nothing specific in mind of what I will do with these things. I go for long walks, sketch, doodle, write, dream, and take photographs of anything that catches my eye.  I continue this process, until it feels like the right time to begin the piece. 


The average time frame for a painting to be complete is between eight to twelve weeks, however if a specific deadline is needed, we can make arrangements during our initial meeting to make that happen.


When the painting is finished, I either ship the painting to you, or if you are in the San Diego area, you can pick it up at my studio. 


Lastly, I will make suggestions on the most auspicious place to hang your painting, to act as a beacon to draw to you what you want for your life or business.


Painting Options

  1. ‣11x14 -  $400

  2. ‣16x20 -  $600

  3. ‣18x24 -  $800

  4. ‣20x24 -  $1,200

  5. ‣24x30 -  $1,400

  6. ‣24x36 -  $1,600

  7. ‣36x36 -  $1,800

  8. ‣Custom sizes - Prices vary

I invite you to contact me by phone at (760) 500 - 5633 or via e-mail at:, to see how an intuitive painting will support your deepest dreams and desires.

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